On Toronto’s 183rd birthday, Tourism Toronto has just launched their newest ad campaign, entitled “The Views are Different Here.” I’ve watched it a few times now, and I have to say, it honestly gives me goosebumps every time. The video has effortlessly managed to capture the ‘coolness’ of Toronto, but also show how the city embraces diversity and culture.

“In this city, beauty has many faces”

“In this city, it’s okay to let your guard down”

“All flavours are welcome”

Watch it a few times and I dare you to not put Toronto on your next city to visit.
When I watch it, I understand why I think the way I think.  I realize why culture, diversity and acceptance is so important to me.  It’s because it’s ingrained in me.  It’s a part of my life.

When I created “The Most RACES Show on Earth!” and produce it in cities that are much less diverse, in a way, I think I’m just trying to give people a taste of Toronto.  I just want people to experience a night where they can see how it feels to ‘let their guard down’, and just live life.

– Neil Bansil

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