Just for Laughs - New Faces of Comedy 2015

Just for Laughs – New Faces of Comedy 2015

Clayton English
Clayton English performing at MRSOE! Charleston 2014

Each year, the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada scours the globe to find the best up and coming comedians to feature in the New Faces of Comedy showcase. This year, MRSOE! is happy to announce that three of the comedians who we have used extensively in the past have been recognized.

Performing on the New Faces Showcase will be Clayton English. If you’re in Montreal, be sure to check him out as he will be performing on two of the shows listed below.

Showtimes & Venues:
* July 22, 7 pm: New Faces Group 1  — 5e Salle, Place-des-Arts
* July 22, 9 pm: New Faces Group 2  — 5e Salle, Place-des-Arts
* July 24, 9:30 pm: New Faces Group 2  — Wiggle Room
* July 24, 11:30 pm: New Faces Group 1  — Wiggle Room

Watch a clip of Clayton Here:

MRSOE! Comedians - Caleb Synan
Caleb Synan performing at MRSOE! Charleston 2014
MRSOE! Comedians - Rob Haze
Rob Haze performing at MRSOE! during 2014 Charleston Comedy Festival

Along with the main New Faces showcase is another show which features all unrepped comics (Comedians without agent representation).  In this showcase you will find Caleb Synan and Rob Haze performing and believe me, once they are seen by the industry, they won’t be unrepped for much longer.  Catch them performing on Thursday, July 23rd, @ 9pm in the 5e Salle at Place-des-Arts; as well as on Friday, July 24th, 9:30 pm at the Mainline Theatre.

Check out video of Caleb here:

Check out a clip of Rob Haze here:

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