MRSOE! 5 Star Buffet

Think of The Most RACES Show on Earth as a 5 star Buffet.

We offer all kinds of food at our 5 star buffet – Indian food, Thai, Jamaican, Chinese, it’s all there… and we invite everyone to come and eat.

The thing is, you eat what you want! The people next to you will eat what they want. Everything might not be for everyone, but there is something for everyone.

The point is, we’re all eating together, in the same room, at the same time, and it’s all good.

Everyone needs to eat.

There’s nothing to fear at this buffet. You might dislike something, but it’s never hate. You understand that it’s there, and it’s just something you might not get extra helpings of, and that’s ok, but you don’t go and ban it from the buffet, because that would be dumb.

I hope to see you at a MRSOE! Buffet, when we come to your city!

MRSOE! Brooklyn – Tuesday, April 11 @ The Knitting Factory – Tickets $20

MRSOE Toronto – Wednesday, April 12 & 13 @ Adelaide Hall – Tickets $20 (limited tickets available)

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