What is MRSOE!?

The Most RACES Show on Earth! was created as a way of giving the best up-and-coming and established comedians of all cultures, creeds, colors and sexual orientations a platform to tell their story.  MRSOE! bridges the gap between cultures and promotes diversity by giving everyone a voice.  We believe that comedy is truth and is a way for people to see and hear authentic representations of others, not only to laugh at each other, but laugh with each other.

MRSOE! creates change by empowering aspiring comedians from all backgrounds to share their story on our stage to combat stereotypical mainstream media portrayals.

But it’s really about the comedy.

We invite comedians and audiences to come together and be a part of our movement through our live event comedy shows and digital platforms.


Comedian, Writer, Producer, Neil Bansil founded The Most RACES Show on Earth in 2005 as a platform for aspiring comedians from all cultures, creeds, colors and sexual orientations to share their story and be the catalyst for change.

WHY I created The Most RACES Show on Earth!

A Message from Neil Bansil

People have asked me why I created “The Most RACES Show on Earth!” and my answer to that is:

I believe diversity makes us better.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, a city known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  Growing up, I had the good fortune of being exposed to many different cultures, in fact, looking back, my best friends were Trinidadian, Jamaican, Pakistani, Filipino, Italian and Canadian.  I believe that the ability to experience, learn and accept all those cultures made me who I am today.

In July of 2006, I moved to the U.S. and settled in Atlanta, GA and one of the first things I noticed was the division between people.  It wasn’t like Toronto, where it was normal to interact daily with people who were different than you, it was just very Black, White, and Hispanic and very seldom would you see those groups hanging out with each other.  In 2011, I moved to Charleston, SC and the division between people there was even more evident.

All of this separation made me wonder “why?”  What was it that was causing this separation between people?  And not just in the parts of America where I’ve lived, but all over the world.  If I look back at my own life, the answer is simple.  We don’t hang out enough with people who are different than us.  We don’t take the time to listen to others and get to know them.  We fear what we don’t know.  

So, that’s why I created “The Most RACES Show on Earth.” It’s my way of bringing people together.  I look for and feature the funniest up-and-coming and established comedians from all different ethnicities, cultures, religions and sexual orientations to give them an opportunity to tell their different stories.  I believe that just being around people who are different from us makes us better and it’s through hearing and experiencing the world from these other perspectives and realizing that we all have a lot in common.

That’s why I do “The Most RACES Show on Earth!”

If you believe what I believe, then I look forward to seeing you at a show!

On MRSOE.com, we’re going to feature comedians, video’s, articles, podcasts, and anything interesting that will give people an opportunity to hang out with others from the comfort of their own home.  Most of the content will be the funniest stuff that we can find from around the world.

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